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Charcoal, 30-100 mm

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Hardwood charcoal: oak, hornbeam, ash, birch oak, hornbeam. For food cooking, kebab, grill and barbecue (bbq).

The main characteristics:

  • Size: 30-100 mm
  • Ash: <5%
  • Moisture: 7%
  • Density: 0.4 g/cm2
  • Calorific value: 25-26 MJ/kg)
  • Stable carbon: ≥85%
  • Use: Industrial, cooking, restaurants, barbecue
  • 100% natural ecologically pure natural materials, hardwoods and fruit tree species: oak, hornbeam, birch, apple tree, etc.
  • Quality guaranteed

Packaging and Logistic:

  • Price and terms: Incoterms, include export customs clearance, packed and loaded, ready for transportation to unload point. It could be any logistic terms, agreed with the Customer, for example: CPT, DAP, FOB
  • Weight: ≥300 kg/pallet (or in bulk bags of 160 kg/m³)
  • Packaging option 1: base packaging – charcoal packed in polypropylene bags of 13-15 kg
  • Packaging option 2: paper bags for 2.5/5/10 kg, total net weight is up to 300+ kg/pallet. The number of pallets depends on the size of the semi-trailer or sea container
  • Sea container HC 40 feet: contains up to 13-14 tons, with manual container loading/unloading: up to 16t
  • Trucks: 85m³ trailer contains of 13-15 tons, trailer of 120m³ contains of 20 tons
  • Trade lot: 1 sea 40 feet container or truck with semi-trailer of 85m³-120m³
  • Total net weight packed on pallets: min 10-12MT for 40 feet container or 16-20t for trucks
  • Transportation: trucks or sea containers
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