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Pini Kay Briquettes

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Pini Kay briquettes

We offer to buy the best heat logs – Pini Kay (Pini Key, Piny Kay) briquettes, made from pine or hardwood (oak) sawdust, pure wood, 100% natural and eco, without any chemical additives or binders, with natural smell and color of the wood. Our Pini Kay (Pini Key, Piny Kay) pine wood or hardwood fireplace briquettes (heat logs) can be used in private sector or for commercial as well.

Possible variants of the wholesale orders (22.08t min):

  • 10kg pack, pine wood heat briquettes logs (standard offer, in stock);
  • 10kg pack, hardwood heat briquettes logs (pre-ordering basis);
  • broken logs, bulk in big-bags, mixed pine and hardwood heat briquettes (pre-ordering basis).

According to the Customer’s request, each 10 kg pack of Pini Kay briquettes may contain the Customer’s flyer inside, with a full-colored print of the Customer’s logo, text, photos and other necessary information. In this case, we need a digital design layout of the flyer, provided by the Customer.

The main characteristics:

  • Heat log dimensions: 315-320*50*50mm
  • Heat log central hole diameter: 20mm
  • Heat logs 10kg pack dimensions: 320*210*160mm
  • Ash content: <0.7%
  • Moisture: <8%
  • Calorific value: 5.1 kWh/kg (4400 kcal/kg or 18.5 MJ/kg)
  • Specific density: 1.2 g/cm³
  • The sulfur content: ≤0.05%
  • 100% natural ecologically clean raw material: pine or hardwoods, pure wood
  • Quality guaranteed

Packaging and Logistic:

  • Price and terms: FCA Incoterms, include export customs clearance, packed and loaded, ready for transportation to unload point. It could be any logistic terms, agreed with the Customer, for example: CPT or DAP
  • Packing: transparent shrink film pack of 10 kg net weight, logs stacked in 2×6 or 3×4 (standard packaging)
  • Trade lot: 96 packs per pallet, overall net weight of 960 kg/pallet
  • Total net weight: min 22.08MT, 23 pallets
  • Transportation: classic trucks or sea containers


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Pini Kay Briquettes

  1. Zoran

    Very nice briquettes for the fireplace and for the boiler as well. Great heat, like classic coal. My clients and I are completely satisfied, I have used to order this briqs for every season from 2017. Definitely, I can recommend both the briquettes and the supplier. Delivery to Slovenia was very fast. Thank you a lot!

  2. Alexandru Turcanu, Oradea RO

    Good Pini-kays briketts with nice cube packaging on the pallet. I bought 6 trucks, have not any problem! Thank you, partner!

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